Before falling head over heels in love with flowers I worked in graphic and interior design. Without doubt these skills and experience have allowed my styling work to flourish to a different creative level-on trend designs crafted with a discerning eye for detail. As I tell my clients all the time-its all in the detail! 

There is nothing so beautifully perfect than what is around us all the time. That's why I take most of my inspiration from our gloriously rustic countryside. Nature's colour palette, texture, diversity and seasonal change are my muse. I believe the seasons give us their very own personality and this influences my creations greatly. Using whats true to each season is so important to me and makes for wonderful designs true to nature.

I have honed my craft creating wedding flowers and styling for countless weddings and events over the last few years while running a widely popular, award winning shop in Mullingar.

I now create wedding flowers and event styling exclusively, from my  studio and workshop in Mullingar catering to clients all over Ireland.

Niamh O'Doherty
Floral Fanatic & Stylist <3