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The only way is UP!

As lovely as they are forget mini jars and cute table centres- 2019 is all about the WOW factor in your floral wedding décor. What bride (and groom!) doesn’t want their guests to walk into their venue on the big day itself and say with eyes popping wide- “WOW”. If we’re all being honest, most of us do. You don’t put months and months of planning into the biggest event of your romantic life so far to have anything less than that! Thanks to Kimye and their giant wall of decadent flowers (heavenly scented tuberoses) brides all over the world now like the idea of floral installations- creating a large feature piece of flowers that are designed to be a main feature in your venue.

There are many ways of doing this but in my opinion the only way is up for these bad boys- using your ceiling where possible is what will work best and most florists will be able to create a feature like this in most venues. The choices are endless with what you can create. And believe me, your budget doesn’t have to match an international superstar’s either to make a memorable feature to adorn all the pictures.

Firstly it’s important to decide where you would like your installation to be displayed. Arches outside churches were a popular choice for the last few years but bear in mind these aren’t usually brought with you after the ceremony- no problem if you have a big budget but if you want your flowers to work hard all day this is probably not the best option. The entrance to your hotel/venue can create a great first impression- particular if you feel your venue room has a low ceiling or is tight for space when that list just got longer and longer!! My favourite however is to have your floral installation take centre stage in your reception room. This is, after all where you and your guests will spend the most time on the day and into the night. Here are a few ways you can make this happen from neat budgets to blow the budget….

Decorative branches- Using my favourite, willow sticks, intertwined with any other large pieces of driftwood or even some garden branches you can create some wonderful shapes above. Interspersed with some soft greens such as ruskus and ferns will work so well- simple, effective and beautiful.

Turned into a garden- Using the base of the decorative branches above you could allocate a budget for adding flowers throughout your branch and greenery structure creating a feel of an overhead garden. Use plenty of colour and an eclectic mix of blooms to make an interesting focal point full of texture. Stringing fairylights throughout will create an extra touch of magic!

Floral Globes- I love these at the moment. You can opt to hang them from displays as mentioned above or just on their own dropped down from a simple green structure above. Filling them with a mix of blooms or the very “on trend” succulents (cacti’s friendly brothers) looks super cool while adding different heights and sizes to your display.

Falling Roses- We all associate romance with roses- vamp up the WOW on your backdrop at the top table by interspersing threaded roses between strings of beads or pearls for a simple yet chic effect. This works by hanging the roses upside down also while leaving the stems long for an opulence with real visual effect.

Blow the budget- for a massive whopper of an overhead display use oceans of the one flower- stocks are my favourite for this as they have a long head of flowers and create the most magnificent summer smell. Delphiniums and Wisteria work perfect also. Using all the one flower in the same colour or certainly similar colours creates a feeling of sheer extravagance- a luxury ceiling to surround you and all your guests, a magical sense of romance within a world of floral delights….swooooooon

Move over Kimye- we’ve got it covered,

In flowers.

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