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A welcome with WOW!

You have decided on the bouquets, have a pretty good idea on the buttonholes (just have to wait until the boys have their final decisions made!) and now it’s the venue entrance you are just a little bit unsure of. Most brides have been to weddings before and most floral design/décor has been seen before. So, its completely understandable that you long for something a little different. I think it’s fair to say (and please don’t take offence) that the day of the mini bay trees outside the church entrance are kind of over (phew!). As pretty as they were they’ve had their day. With incredible inspiration all around us in the form of the addictive pinterest to the gals over at One Fab Day we are spoiled for ideas and choices. The all-important budget doesn’t have to be dramatically altered either. You can be savvy in working with your florist to design dramatic and cost effective WOW factor church and venue entrances- all giving that little scent of the “something different”.

Since the beautiful big and blooming arch seen at Glenda’s wedding, arches have become really popular over the last year or two. If budgets don’t stretch to the whole shebang (literally thousands of blooms sitting from top to bottom of a 20ft church entrance aka budget BLOWN) why not opt for a pared back version. Choosing to create a floral arch to only dress the top of the door is a great option and can be just as pretty as the bigger version. This works really well for country churches with daintier doorways.

We have also used oceans of cream fabric to create a curtain style entrance. Use lots of fabric to create an opulent and super rosemantic feel. Make sure you are using a good heavy fabric in pretty good quality fabric too (I like Ikeas for this). Lined with some greens adds a touch of the natural to this look and a couple of blooms could be added to the centre also adding a pop of colour and texture.

Half door arches are fab for an arch with a different feel. They work really well for pics taken outside after the ceremony too which is a big bonus. Greenery and natural woods such as willow and rosehip are most effective for this almost sculpture like piece. Classy and contemporary and won’t go unnoticed.

One of our new favourites for entrances are the giant milk churns. Ideal for alternative style wedding venues such as the amazing Mount Druid in Castletown, Westmeath. Filling these small and tall rustic churns with all kinds of wildflowers are perfect for a country style entrance- whether it be into a barn or a tin chapel! Group together for a bigger impression.

Wooden crates compliment the churns really well and are ideal for those milder spring summer weddings. You can pop mini milk bottles in them while displaying a chalkboard welcome sign to your guests on top. Get creative and paint those crates if you want big pops of colour.

On a similar style high nellys have become super popular. Dig your grannys old one from the back of the shed and add a spray of paint to it. They are a fun prop to use and can display lots of bits and bobs- from flowers in the basket to ceremony booklets on the back. Signs sitting on the saddle to confetti cones hanging from the handlesbars. Super cute!

Balloons tend to make brides shudder but recently I have fallen in love with them. They are so effective in larger spaces inside or outside. Even plain large cream ones can have colourful paper tassels floating underneath them or burlap and lace ones. For a natural touch to them ivy can trail from them- so beautiful and really a wow to greet your guests.

One of the best church entrances I have seen was at a wedding last year. Upon seeing these gigantic hay bale bride and groom all I could do was smile- what a great way to get your guests smiling and chatting before they take a seat- what good fun and way to set the tone for the rest of the day. Get creative brides and grooms- the ideas are endless- no mini bay trees needed here!

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