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Finding your Favourite Florist <3

I may be a little biased but I believe a good florist is without doubt an essential part of your wedding day. Not only because you want your venue filled with fabulous florals but also because your bouquets and buttonholes really elevate the overall style of you, your significant other, and your bridal party on the day. The right bouquet for a bride completes her look and adds colour and texture to the bridesmaids also. A good florist will tell you if the style of bouquet you’ve had your eye on on Pinterest or Insta for the last year REALLY goes with your dress or if you should try something a little different. They will also tell you if those little jam jars you have your besties spending hours collecting, cleaning and hot gluing lace to will REALLY make an impact or are you really just wasting your time and giving your bridesmaids prep overload?!

In this crazy time of Covid good florists will be in demand- more than likely they will already have bookings taken for next year and now their weddings for this summer will be postponed until next year also. This means dates are filling up for 2021 way faster than they usually would as couples rush to make sure they have locked in their favourite florist. In saying this it’s important for each couple to stop a minute in the midst of the booking madness and make sure they are asking their florist the right questions. This will make sure you as a couple are getting a florist you know envisions your day as you want them to and works well with you both before the big day. A good florist won’t mind answering questions and making sure they are the right fit for you in planning an important part of your day. Don’t be afraid to ask!! In my experience these are some of the questions you can send your florist in order to make your mind up over who works for you and your significant other. If I have missed any that comes to mind please get in touch and ask!

Where can you see examples of their work?

Are they the recommended florist for any particular venue?

How many other weddings will the florist be doing on the same day?

Can they give you ideas on what you can get for your budget?

Will the florist you’ve consulted with be doing your flowers on the day or will a member of their team be doing them?

Is there a consultation fee? If so, can it be redeemed against your flower order?

Will the florist be willing to make a mock-up of your bouquet prior to the wedding day and is there a fee for this?

Is there a maximum distance they will travel to decorate your venue?

How much do they charge for delivery and set up?

Do they move any of the items from one venue (such as the church) to another venue (such as the hotel)? If so, what is the charge for this?

When will you be expected to pay for your flowers and by what method?

Is there a deposit to be paid to confirm your date?

How far in advance of your wedding day do you confirm your order?

What time do they deliver your flowers at on the day?

How long do they need to set up?

Will they be bringing assistants?

Do they collect any items such as vases etc or do you have to bring them back?

Is there a charge for any breakages to items hired?

Its always good to ask- whatever vendor you are looking at for your big day. As we all know weddings are expensive- make sure you feel happy with the service you are getting in the planning and are excited about seeing the finished result on your big day!x

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