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Silver Lining Weddings

With Covid casting its dark cloud over us this year weddings have taken a big old knock. Back in March and April the chaos it caused amongst couples ready to tie the knot was huge and quite upsetting for many. We had most weddings postponed and some cancelled altogether- particularly from overseas couples travelling to Ireland to get married. Although the devastation of Covid is obviously way bigger than any wedding day it’s still fair to say that any kind of big adjustment to your wedding plans is going to cause major stress and more than likely a few tears.

However, as with everything bad, there is often a little flicker of something wonderful to be found. As this realisation comes to many throughout these uncertain times it is also creating a new way of thinking about a wedding day. Instead of postponing the big day to next year or the following, couples seem to be now embracing this new way of celebrating their special day. And it’s no surprise they are- there are lots of benefits to having a small, intimate wedding full of your closest family and friends.

Your Budget

The budget of a 200 plus wedding in a 4 or 5 star hotel costs a lot more than what is required for an intimate wedding of 50 people. A price per head is only the start of it- there are huge costs involved with all the extras. Often people feel with these big hotel weddings they need to add extra entertainment like magician’s/comedy waiters at dinner, extra food in the form of candy carts or favours, and all the miscellaneous extras such as gin bars, cigar bars, photo booths and fireworks. No need for all this at a small intimate wedding for you and your closest.

Your Venue

Your venue options largely depend upon the number of guests that you plan on inviting. The capacity of the venue needs to match your guest requirements in order to make the cut. However, if you are hosting an intimate wedding ceremony, the guest list is short so your options of venues increase. You could go for a small style boutique hotel or even your favourite restaurant. Check out One Fab Day and their wonderful recommendations

Your Time

At the core of an intimate wedding is the idea you get to spend this day with a handful of people who are of huge importance in your life. The friends and family who you can rely on blindly and love endlessly are the ones who you want on your wedding day - your constants. Having a small wedding allows you to spend more quality time with each one of your guests.

You know them personally and there’s no awkward moments. It is like a whole big family and you actually get to make warm memories to remember forever with your closest who you can attend to personally, without formalities, making for a relaxed and easy going day.

Your Decor

If you are a couple who loves DIY, planning an intimate wedding is a perfect platform for you to add to the ambience and beauty of your wedding ceremony by adding to the decor with your DIY ideas. You could, in fact, involve all your friends and family members to create handmade pieces of decor to put together something beautiful on your wedding day. It could be origami, gin bottle table décor, painted jars, paper lanterns and so much more. Have a look on Pinterest for some great DIY wedding ideas[]=DIY%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=Wedding%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=decor%7Ctyped

To decorate a space that is about to host 50 people is a task of course, but a doable task that will be fun when you, your friends and family are in it together. However, decorating a venue that is about to host a royal wedding of more than 150 guests is usually impossible (unless you’re superbride!) without the pro’s taking over.

Your Personalised Touch

Planning an intimate wedding allows you to make it as personalised as possible. You could pick handwritten invitation cards with personalised favours for each of your guests instead of readymade templates on huge bundles of printed cards. The favours that you pick for your wedding day can also have a special touch of love in each. You get time to put in thought to everything that you plan because these are people you know.

Your Stress Levels

A small wedding is a wedding that is convenient and manageable. With a reduced guest list, the requirement of other professional services like catering, decor, transportation, invitations and so on, reduce considerably. This means there will be less to stress about. While you take your vows you need not worry about your guests, the menu, or if your hotel wedding planner is managing seamlessly without anything causing chaos or that needing your attention. Right from the planning to the big day itself you can manage it easily with a little help from your friends.

It is after all YOUR wedding and the only people that matter to you are with you on this very special day, nothing else really matters. To all the brides and grooms out there who have opted for this style of wedding- enjoy, you will without doubt have a memorable day full of love to treasure forever. Now that’s a silver lining we can live with.

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