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The Illusion of Planted Aisles

Warning before reading- this blog could cause serious damage to your wedding budget. Read with caution and please keep your wedding excel budget file clearly open on your desktop for a reality check if required :)

We tell ourselves we have a floral budget at the beginning of wedding planning- and we mean it. We really do. Simple is better, small and neat, its all in the detail etc etc.

Deep down we know we want to break out of our budget box and spill millions of flowery fabulousness all over our big day! What better way to blow the bundles of dosh on a “Planted” flower aisle?

This trend is taking the world by storm in 2020- particularly in sunny locations where weather permits your outdoor aisle to be planted with various flowering blooms. Lush wedding flowers are making their way from pedestal backdrops to the edge of guests’ seats in these planted flower aisles with dyed, dried and all the garden flowers in between.

For the rest of us in rainy Ireland the illusion of these planted aisles can be created using unseen trays and lining any aisle, whether indoor or outdoor, with these gorgeous arrangements.

At House of Flowers we always like to have our florals working hard all day. The bonus of creating only an illusion of a planted aisle means that these floral pieces can be transferred after your ceremony and placed on table centres, cake tables or anywhere else within your venue that needs a touch of floweriness.

So, on the bright side- the actual aisle dressing may have blown the budget but those arrangements will be part of your overall floral décor on the day. Completely justified we think.

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