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The life of a mini Venetian urn

Sometimes small can be wonderful. In terms of flowers this is definitely true. I have always been a fan of mini floral designs. From micro teacup and saucer arrangements to little buckets of blooms. There is just something so understated and pretty about these little guys. As a floral designer these mini arrangements test your design and technique abilities also. You need to really look at what you are doing- every stem matters. From the colour, to the size, to the stem type- there is no hiding!

Often times larger arrangements can be created easily and with a flow of combining greenery types and simply popping stems in when the greens have been completed. No such luck with the mini ones.

For a recent wedding I decided to use mini Venetian urns. Many of my previous clients will know that I am a huge fan of the large Venetian urn arrangements-I think they are so effective and can fill any space beautifully- inside or out. Because I love the shape of these I couldnt pass the mini versions when I saw them. I thought they would work wonderfully as a centrepiece- adding a little height off the table but still keeping to a very elegant shape overall a real point of interest in the tablecentre. These were bare plaster on purchasing. They couldnt stay that colour so I used gold spray paint to change it up. Only antique gold, I didnt want a super bright finish for these. The oasis products for spraying are really good- dry in no time and cost effective also. I am also a big fan of all rustoleum sprays.

Having sprayed these I left to dry for approx 30 minutes before giving them a second coat. Overall only about half the can was used- not bad for 10 mini urns done twice!

Adding some soaked oasis flower foam to each one came next. I wanted to ensure they stayed super fresh. Weddings can be warm,seriously warm! I greened them up using eucalyptus Populous, cinerea and nichoii. Added some memory lane roses, pink alyssa lisiantes and hypericum berries and VOILA.... perfecto little table centre <3

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